Quick & Simple

After discussing your requirements, we will arrange to visit you at your home (or you can come to us – our studio is based in the Southern Suburbs) at a time to suit you and your baby.
We will bring samples with us for you to look at and after you have decided which medium you would like, we will take casts of your baby’s hands or feet (or both) using a casting liquid. The material used is totally safe, even on the skin of young babies and it captures every intricate and unique detail of their hands and feet.

Casts can be taken as soon after the birth as you wish.

Just 4 Small Steps

The whole process is quick and simple. The casting process only takes a couple of minutes.


Step 1:

Baby or toddler’s hand or foot are removed from clothing or shoes.


Step 2:

Place the baby’s foot or hand into the casting agent


Step 3:

Hold the foot or hand in the casting agent for a couple of minutes until set


Step 4:

Remove the baby’s hand or foot and wipe it clean

Casts will be delivered approximately 8-10 weeks after your appointment. If you have a deadline, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try our hardest to meet it.

Please be aware that engraving will take an extra 10 days or so.